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te Networks An Intranet Design and Development Company
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We work with all service providers in your location to find the best services that fit your company's needs.

Onsite to accept handoff of circuit from provider. We then document WAN configuration, configure and test (CPE) cutomer premise equipment to (PE) provider equipment until all internal devices and applications are working as expected.

We handle all support for circuits and communication with provider to resolve any issues that may arise.

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Database Engineering

Engineering database models for scalability and flexibility to provide a cost effective solution for your data flow.

A database is the core of your company's business administration, product development, and operations. If it is designed and built on proprietary software and hardware it can be expensive to manage, update, upgrade, or resolve hardware failures.

Removing all the hype ... Technology, like all things today, has marketing in your face telling you what you need, and they come up with some really cool terms that make it a must have! It is overwhelming at times. Less is more. Start with the core. What is the data and how does it relate to other data? What do you want to see and keep track of?

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Graphic Design

Make it cool!

Create a custom view for your employees, clients, suppliers, and consultants. You have full control over how it will be displayed. This is when it gets fun!

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